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Sean Ashby - England International

Sean Ashby - England International


Sensas  has always been associated with the highest levels in Match Fishing, because it is here that the World’s best anglers determine the trends, tactics and ideas that help us All catch more fish. 

It doesn’t end there however. Top anglers from all across Europe constantly link themselves with Sensas in the knowledge that when a product is finally launched they are confident in its total quality and the design will be exactly what they require.

Whether it’s specific Groundbaits, state of the art poles, boxes, carefully designed floats or even comfortable practical clothing and hard wearing luggage, one thing is certain… It’s Quality Guaranteed.

Here at Sensas we have a huge team of dedicated professionals and none come more dedicated and influential in the world of Match Fishing than Team England.


For over 20 years England has relied on Sensas getting them exactly the right bait to wherever they want it in the world. Now WORLD NO’1’s it has paid off, 6 World Senior titles in the last 11 years, a host of individual medals of all denominations, plus Golds, Silvers and Bronzes for all of the rest of the England squads, Under 23s, Under 18s, Ladies, Vets, Disabled and latterly the Feeder team mean that the Sensas Team England partnership is difficult to beat.

Team England and Sensas a winning combination.