soft hook baits
with gel formula
Our new range of Soft Hook Baits are softened and treated with gel giving them a unique "stay-on-the-hook" texture Read more
High quality fishmeal cubed pellets
Large flavoured high quality fishmeal cubes with slow breakdown ideal for big fish and when small nuisance fish are taking your hookbaits. Ideal for loose feeding, banding, feeder fishing and Method fishing. Read more
Power Match – Series 5
power match 655, 675 & 75XL
“Sometimes conditions dictate your days fishing, the slightly larger diameter of our new ‘5 series’ handles all conditions, and is especially stable on those windier days.” Sean Ashby Read more

About Sensas

Sensas  has always been associated with the highest levels in Match Fishing, because it is here that the World’s best anglers determine the trends, tactics and ideas that help us All catch more fish.

It doesn’t end there however. Top anglers from all across Europe constantly link themselves with Sensas in the knowledge that when a product is finally launched they are confident in its total quality and the design will be exactly what they require.

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History of Sensas

50 years old... and now the most successful bait company in the world!

Created in 1963 Sensas is celebrating its 50th birthday this year. Sensas started business as a cooking oil producer and recycled press cakes (a by-product of oil making) into fishing groundbaits. As time went on the company concentrated more on the fishing bait production and soon became No1 groundbait supplier first in France, then Europe.

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A selected range of Sensas products. The range will be constantly added to with a new products and firm favourites. A full range of products can be viewed via the banner button below, featuring an online version of the printed UK Sensas catalogue.

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Fishing Tips

Videos showing how to get the best from your Starbaits products coming soon. Videos will include how to use new products and how to get the best from them.

Team Members

Find out about the Sensas Match sponsored anglers.Where they grew up, where they started out fishing and how their tactics and techniques have changed over the years.

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